Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sleeping Beauty: Samson

So here is the Samson Model I have been re-doing!

These has been an awesome, fun and challenging model to do. as I tried to figure out the best possible way to have a good topology that would be good for deformations for rigging and Animation.
I had the Great chance to see Stuart presentation at Disney about Horse Anatomy.. which solved many of the mysteries and confusion about the pectoral area of the horse, which I had tried to figure out before.. but never truly understood why it changed soo much the muscles on that area, but after the presentation and trip field to the Burbank Equestrian center.. now it does make sense.

I will in the future try to explore further the horse anatomy.. but for now.. hope you like my Samson Horse that I did in Maya and Zbrush.

Here I am with the rest of the Disney Trainees! .. I am the one with the Mickey ears.

Resistance 2 Models:

So here I have posted more Resistance 2 models I did during my internship at Insomniac Games!
I also did Many of the multiplayer maps found on the game and strategy guide of Resistance 2.

with the upcoming release of Ratchet and Clank a crack in time later these year.. you might be wondering where he has been...
well he was on a short vacation in the Panama Canal with VIP access during his visit! lol XD

I will have more Disney and Mickey Mouse pictures on future posts! :D WTHM!

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June Eunjung Kim said...

HAHAHAHA!!! dude...i was so impressed about your work...then can't stop laughing after i saw that last picture!!!


I mean both of them...your work and picture ;)