Wednesday, November 28, 2007

B24D Render Tests

Hello Everyone! here are some render test I was doing earlier by using GI with mental ray at the new machines at school.. so nice to use dual core xeon with 4 gig of ram to render previews so much faster than on my machine! but still not good enogh for the Ship I did, which i am still trying to figure out a way to render without crashing maya 8(
anyway enjoy the HD pics for the meantime until next semester when I am going to do the texturing of the plane to hopefully achieve realism on the renders by composing them to a background plate.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sculptures I did during the Summer of 07

Hi guys, here are some of the work I did in my sculpture 1 class these past summer!
as you can see, I have posted my progression of how we started with the basics of blocking the figure and making sure the proportions were right before jumping into adding details.

The early pieces took long to get the blocking done right using different methods to measure proportions in relations with the other pieces of the body as I was still learning the very basics!

It certainly wasn't easy to do, but it was a lot of fun to work on clay from live models! as well we had some great classmates that were a lot of fun to chat while working in class.

These was the 3rd standing figure we did in class, yet still on blocking stage.

These reclining figure was challenging as it was a bit hard to deal with the forth shortening perspective to work.

The portrait was very challenging to get the blocking as close to the actual person.

These was the 4th standing piece and perhaps the best I did because the extra session allowed me to take the time to add and fix the subtle detail of the forms.
It was hard to pull off the subtle plane changes on the body, and it was very challenging to do the face in that small size for me as i was struggling trying to make the face look real and not looking cartooney as the first couple of times i was trying out without success.
In the end I really enjoyed learning and working on these class and can't wait until next year to take another sculpture class.. as I have sooo much to learn and practice!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

First Post !!!! whoohoo!!!

So finally I got a blog
so for my first post I wanted to show the latest work I finished which is a B-24 Liberator.
you can find a high res version of these post on my web page, but I will be showing here on future posts a bit of the making of it, and also I will be showing the progress of my thesis project as well as other stuff I have done.
Thanks for passing by and hope you guys like it.
Any suggestions and comments are welcome