Sunday, August 17, 2008

War Galley / Galera / Galere!

I am really proud to show these Galley (Galera, Galere) model I did from scratch in 3 insane weeks of work toward the end of my last semester... and yes if you are wondering i was like a zombie for those 3 weeks, but it paid off in many ways besides the obvious fact that I got a new model! It also was the learning experience that I got from working on a tight deadline as well as problem solving and trying to figure out things to make these ship as accurate as possible despite the lack of enough reference to figure out the rigging and positions of the sails and the way they work and look as believable as a real Galley would be on the Mediterranean sea.
These is a Work in Progress as I have to add more details and missing things!
2 weeks after I finished these renders In August of these year I went on a trip to France and Spain where I visited 3 amazing Maritime Museums that had not only great info of the Galleys, but they had in Barcelona a real life size replica of the famous Galera Real de Don Juan de Austria!!!
also I was able to take Tons of pics for reference, I bought the Blueprints for it! (i have to figure out a way to scan these bed size blueprints.

so here you go! hope you like these model and pics as much as I do! XD

these is the work in progress of my Venetian Galley model.


And here are a few pics from my trip where i gettered a lot of reference and information that will help me finish these model with all the major details on it.

La Galera de Don Juan de Austria miniature model.

Front of the Life size Galley in the Museu Maritim de Barcelona!

Back of the Galley

and now from France I have these pics from the "Le musée national de la Marine" which had a scale model of the La Reale and life size decoration of it! very Impressive!! as well as some amazing collection of ships miniatures with some insane details!

there was another Great maritime Museum in Madrid, but unfortunately there was no picture allow.
but on the good side, i was able to buy 2 great books that are helping me understand everything about the galleys... but more on that on a future post! ;p
also now that I have all these great materials I can finally finish these Galley the way I want it!! Wo0t WoOt!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Insomniac Games!!!

Whoowhoo!!! I am happy to finally announce that I am already starting my 3rd month on my internship at Insomniac Games
It has been an awesome experience in soo many levels!.
I have been learning a lot of new things, working a lot, while having a lot of fun at the same time!
One thing that I have learned is that there is a lot of things that goes on, into the making of a video game!. Certainly much more than what I thought!.

Here is the trailer that was shown at E3! for "Resistance 2" video game which is the game we are finishing up right now.

Also I am really glad to have the opportunity, to be working at the moment with such an awesome group of people that makes Insomniac games!

also in other updates.
Here is a preview of the work in progress of my thesis. Which I am showing Arlechina! one out three characters that I am working on.
these is a work in progress of it, which also shows a bit of the approach I took to model and do the character up to these point.

on these particular character "Arlechina", the concept art was done by my friend Rob!
You can check out more of his work on his blog. Which you can browse on the links!