Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Getting Ready for GDC ! ! ! :D

whoohoo!! getting ready for my first GDC! woot wo0t!
uff it has been a lot of work these past few weeks working on several different projects for all 4 classes that i am taking currently as I am working on my thesis project and finishing texturing my airplane for my portfolio, which has been a headache to do, but hopefully it should come out good once is done... lets hope!
So here is a preview of what I am working on the environment for my thesis project!

wireframe pic of part of the column of the Doge Palace from Venice that I am working on.

Here is a render test preview of a corner of the wip of the Doge Palace!
(I have yet to finish modeling and texturing it, so it will look different on the final version, when done!)

Funny enough it kind of looks like a postcard!

any suggestions are more than welcome!

uff can't waint for GDC to play the new Smash Brothers! hahah, hope they have it!! lol
and hopefully i can get and Internship for the summer! that will be awesome!!
can't wait!
see ya until next time!.