Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ingermanland Ship new renders

So here is some new renders I did of my first Ship the Ingernmanland.. but these time around I used Mental Ray to render it instead of the regular Maya Render.
Also I used Ambient Occlusion pass and composited against a digital Matte painting of a sky and ocean.. quite happy from the results considering was my first time painting an ocean.(sorry.. no ripples splashing against the ship yet) i will have to Paint them on the future.
so yeah.. hope you guys like the new renders.. certainly they look much nicer than the ones i did in the past.. possible on MR only with the new machines at the lab that have 4 gigs of ram!! XD

Also showing in here I have some screen captures of the footage of a Matte Painting I did last semester for my class.
it can bee seen a frame of the original footage, then on the next pic with the green area which is the mask area were no changes take place and where the action goes.
and on the last but not least is the final comp.
it does look like a very simple Photoshop job.. but damn.. it was challenging to get some pictures that I could use on it and with similar values to the background plate.
also the color correction was pretty hard to pull as well as many minor details.. including actual painting of small gaps.
it was until the very end that I added the blur to the images and a bit of grain that the matte painting came to look like it was part of it.
I am quite happy with the end result! I learned soo much from these class!! soo glad i took it.