Monday, January 14, 2008

2008!.. :D

It was about time for me to put something up!
is already 2008! , A big year ahead for me to accomplish several personal milestones. Among them to Finish a new Demo Reel for GDC to apply for summer interships and with the hope to get one. Also finish some of my work to have it ready for the AAU spring show, and most important to finish everything from my thesis project on time is a must! So I can have it ready to apply, by the end of the year and then get ready for Graduation!!! w00t woot!
quite a lot of big challenges and things to do...

so here is a WIP of some of my thesis project!
in these particular one is a Venetian Gondola!

part of the decoration of the Gondola.

Also not everything has been just work... also a bit of vacation helps a lot to relax as well as get new ideas for things to do!
here are some pics from Isla Iguana in Panama, where I come from(not the island, but the country) from these past weekend!! it was awesome to visit these small island, and get a lot of pictures for fun, reference and textures, trying out these amazing little camera I got, a Nikon P5000! which has been marvelous for taking some pretty good images.. as you can enjoy now..

Isla Iguana!... can you find the monkey!

Me.. in the jungle of the island!

Mr Krab!!

the end...of the trip