Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Disney Apprenticeship WoOt wOoT!!!

Disney Apprenticeship!

Hi guys.. I am exited and well.. also sad.. to have just finished my apprenticeship at the Walt Disney Animation Studio.
I had the Great pleasure of working and learning under a great group of Modeling mentors and also had the chance to work and collaborate with an awesome group of apprentices these Spring of 2009.

So here is what I can show from what I did during my time at Disney.

I worked on a recreation of a shot of the "Alice in Wonderland" 1951's 2D animated movie for the purpose of practicing and collaborate with the other apprentices.
The goal was to try to recreate a shot from the 2D movie and make it into 3D.
and hopefully it will get shaded lighted, rigged and animated by the future group of apprentices, so it can be used also as demo reel pieces.

So here I have the final scene of the group project for the environment we did.(no texturing yet.. we have to wait until the texture apprentices get to it. so we used simple shaders to mimic the colors found on the movie.

Props I did from the Alice Tea Party.

The Mad Hatter!

The Mad Hatter was the character I did. and well It was more challenging than I though it would be. Since he needed to be modeled on a neutral pose for rigging.. but was tricky as not only he had extreme expressions on his face during most of the movie. which was until I tried to make the expression that I knew if it actually would look like him, but found out I needed more geometry around his mouth to be able to do the expressions.
There was also proportion inconsistencies per shot, which made him more challenging to find the right balance for him. Also his hair was a tricky one to figure out how to translate it from 2D to 3D and look good on all angles.
I only have the Wireframe of it to show, as the shaded and the expression version of him, didn't got approved to keep and show. but no worries I will have very soon more new pieces where I am putting into practice what I learned during my time at Disney.

I wanted to thank one more time to all the Amazing Group of People I got the chance to meet, learn from and work along during my apprenticeship at Disney!

Thank you for the chance to be part of these Awesome and one of a kind Experience!



stay in tune for more, as I am finishing new pieces to begin applying for jobs in July!