Sunday, July 27, 2008

At last a new update!!

Uff at last I get the chance to update my blog since GDC and alot of things have been going on since! , which I will reveal on my following posts... soo much things to show!! XD
So i will start with the Gondola I was working a few months ago, which has all the modeling done, but still need to do a few more details with normal maps for the extra details en decoration.

Gondola Render

Gondola Wireframe 1

Gondola Wireframe 2

So these Gondola Model is part of my Thesis project, that is based from the Venetian Carnivale Theme that I am doing!.
These is 1 out of 5 pieces that my Thesis consist of.
The other ones are 3 Characters and 1 environment (Dodge Palace)which you can see the WIP on previous posts.
Hope you guys like it!
Soon there will be more posts and a few cool surprises that i can't wait to say!