Friday, July 31, 2009

Bautta & Samson

Bautta & Samson:

So here is My 3rd Character of my Venetian Masquerade Project!

Bautta!... which is from the Mask famous from the Venetian Carnival.

I used my Samson Horse model based from the Disney Sleeping Beauty Movie as part of the knight style and design i wanted for these model in which I implemented my own designs and life reference for the Armour and pose of Samson

So here I have a one shade of color version of the model,to better appreciate the Model details.
I used Maya and Zbrush to make and do these model that was Designed by my friend Robert Barros, who took all my suggestions,ideas and reference and came up with these awesome design for the Bautta character and took even further the already cool design of the mask to an even more bad ass look!. Thanks Rob...WTHM!

So here is the Wireframe of the Models at different angles where can be appreciated all the different details as well as the structure of how I made the models.

So here is the Samson horse Wireframe by itself.. with the purpose to show, the topology of these model, and show that these horse can be rigged and deformed to pose and yet is possible to keep good detail on the areas of deformations.
These is something I wasn't really paying attention and implementing on my previous models, but is something I learned while at Disney to build models that are not just good looking when rendering.. but that can be actually used for animation and able to deform well.

Was these part of the Disney training....???

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