Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Dad 3D model!

Hi so here is a Model I did of my Father! who's birthday was a couple of days ago.I wanted to do it as a present for him, since Thanks to my Dad and the support of my family I am grateful that I have been able to study and pursue my artistic career and accomplish many of my dreams as a kid!, which it wouldn't had happened if it wasn't for their belief on me, as well as their support.
So Thanks! DAD I am dedicating these for you!

So I did these model in Maya and used Zbrush to sculpt the proportions, although these model looks more like a younger version of my father.
It was also a good exercise to practice my organic modeling skills, which is an area I have to keep practicing to keep improving.
hope you guys like it!
I will have more work up pretty soon!


khusrouf said...

great man I love it..
it'll be great if there's a photo to compare with??

Alfredo said...

Thanks!.. yeah.. I need to get new and better pictures of my dad so then i can take it on Zbrush and try to make him as close as posible.
and will be good too for me to practice Zbrush, as I keep practicing and getting more confortable using it.