Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So here is Arlecchina!.. one of the characters of my thesis based on the Venetian Carnival theme.
so of the 3 characters I did.. these was the most complicated and challenging overall to do, as it had alot of details, as well as making the face was challenging to get and get a good topology as well.
The Concept was done by my friend Robert Barros (can check his work on the links)and the modeling was done by me in Maya using Polygons only.. but switching back and forth with the interactive subD preview to see how the smooth will look like.
There are some details that I could have done using textures.. but it was fun to model for the challenge.
Certainly in the near future.. I will texture it and add extra details like folds and some patterns.. but that will be for a near future. for now enjoy the actual model.
Any suggestions are more than Welcome! thanks enjoy!

So here are the Wireframes for the War Galley I posted before.
it was modeled using mainly polygons, but i used nurbs for the initial modeling of the hull of the ship and also for all the rigging.
also I am planning to add more details that are missing after gathering newer information from my trip to Europe where i was able to get most of the references for missing pieces.. and also I have a much broader knowledge of why they had certain things on the ship as well on how the sails worked and were put together in real life.
hope you like it.


June Eunjung Kim said...

I think i said it before...but can not say enough...

oh my god!! you are really crazy...and these works are so awesome as you!!!

so cool!!!

Alfredo said...

Thanks June!
yeah.. I have been trying to catch up with some other crazy and amazing modelers that I admire.
so my goal is to try to aim for that level and with more practice take things further as I keep learning!

I am sure you must be working on some crazy and amazing new work!!
can't wait to see it!

Alfredo XD