Monday, January 5, 2009

Dr Plague

So here is Dr Plague or Doctor Plaga or Medico della Peste... another character of my thesis, which was designed (character)by my friend Edelmiro Espinoza (the Dr Plague costume was designed by me to fit Ed's character design).
Both pieces were modeled by me using Polygons only. also I did UV mapping for the pieces.. but I will show that on a later post after I finish the texturing.

These was certainly a Fun character to model and try to figure out the flow of geometry to have a clean model. I have yet to add a cane and a few more details on the textures.
Any suggestions and feedback are greatly welcome!.
Hope you like my version of the Dr Plaga Costume!


Esteban said...

I love the hat/mask design!

Alfredo said...

Thanks Esteban!

I am almost done with the 3rd character of the series!

should have it up by next week!