Friday, July 31, 2009

Bautta & Samson

Bautta & Samson:

So here is My 3rd Character of my Venetian Masquerade Project!

Bautta!... which is from the Mask famous from the Venetian Carnival.

I used my Samson Horse model based from the Disney Sleeping Beauty Movie as part of the knight style and design i wanted for these model in which I implemented my own designs and life reference for the Armour and pose of Samson

So here I have a one shade of color version of the model,to better appreciate the Model details.
I used Maya and Zbrush to make and do these model that was Designed by my friend Robert Barros, who took all my suggestions,ideas and reference and came up with these awesome design for the Bautta character and took even further the already cool design of the mask to an even more bad ass look!. Thanks Rob...WTHM!

So here is the Wireframe of the Models at different angles where can be appreciated all the different details as well as the structure of how I made the models.

So here is the Samson horse Wireframe by itself.. with the purpose to show, the topology of these model, and show that these horse can be rigged and deformed to pose and yet is possible to keep good detail on the areas of deformations.
These is something I wasn't really paying attention and implementing on my previous models, but is something I learned while at Disney to build models that are not just good looking when rendering.. but that can be actually used for animation and able to deform well.

Was these part of the Disney training....???

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bautta without Bautta...???

Bautta character Without Bautta Mask!

So here is my 3rd character from my Venetian project, which I re-did from almost scratch. That was because while at Disney I realized of certain things I learned and was doing wrong, so the logical thing was to put into practice what I learned and fix the many mistakes I had on the topology of the original model which found it easier just to start almost all over again!.. which wasn't a bad idea at all.
I certainly experimented with these one on the Head and went a bit too Hi res.. but it was a good practice to do more organic modeling.
Also these is just the character itself.. which was designed by my friend Robert Barros, and soon enough I will be posting "Bautta" as it should be with the Mask! and rest of the costume.
I will be showing it on my next post!..

Can't wait to get these done and move to the Doge Palace, while I apply for jobs!

until then.. hope you guys like these new model! and come back soon for the other version!



Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sleeping Beauty: Samson

So here is the Samson Model I have been re-doing!

These has been an awesome, fun and challenging model to do. as I tried to figure out the best possible way to have a good topology that would be good for deformations for rigging and Animation.
I had the Great chance to see Stuart presentation at Disney about Horse Anatomy.. which solved many of the mysteries and confusion about the pectoral area of the horse, which I had tried to figure out before.. but never truly understood why it changed soo much the muscles on that area, but after the presentation and trip field to the Burbank Equestrian center.. now it does make sense.

I will in the future try to explore further the horse anatomy.. but for now.. hope you like my Samson Horse that I did in Maya and Zbrush.

Here I am with the rest of the Disney Trainees! .. I am the one with the Mickey ears.

Resistance 2 Models:

So here I have posted more Resistance 2 models I did during my internship at Insomniac Games!
I also did Many of the multiplayer maps found on the game and strategy guide of Resistance 2.

with the upcoming release of Ratchet and Clank a crack in time later these year.. you might be wondering where he has been...
well he was on a short vacation in the Panama Canal with VIP access during his visit! lol XD

I will have more Disney and Mickey Mouse pictures on future posts! :D WTHM!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Dad 3D model!

Hi so here is a Model I did of my Father! who's birthday was a couple of days ago.I wanted to do it as a present for him, since Thanks to my Dad and the support of my family I am grateful that I have been able to study and pursue my artistic career and accomplish many of my dreams as a kid!, which it wouldn't had happened if it wasn't for their belief on me, as well as their support.
So Thanks! DAD I am dedicating these for you!

So I did these model in Maya and used Zbrush to sculpt the proportions, although these model looks more like a younger version of my father.
It was also a good exercise to practice my organic modeling skills, which is an area I have to keep practicing to keep improving.
hope you guys like it!
I will have more work up pretty soon!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Disney Apprenticeship WoOt wOoT!!!

Disney Apprenticeship!

Hi guys.. I am exited and well.. also sad.. to have just finished my apprenticeship at the Walt Disney Animation Studio.
I had the Great pleasure of working and learning under a great group of Modeling mentors and also had the chance to work and collaborate with an awesome group of apprentices these Spring of 2009.

So here is what I can show from what I did during my time at Disney.

I worked on a recreation of a shot of the "Alice in Wonderland" 1951's 2D animated movie for the purpose of practicing and collaborate with the other apprentices.
The goal was to try to recreate a shot from the 2D movie and make it into 3D.
and hopefully it will get shaded lighted, rigged and animated by the future group of apprentices, so it can be used also as demo reel pieces.

So here I have the final scene of the group project for the environment we did.(no texturing yet.. we have to wait until the texture apprentices get to it. so we used simple shaders to mimic the colors found on the movie.

Props I did from the Alice Tea Party.

The Mad Hatter!

The Mad Hatter was the character I did. and well It was more challenging than I though it would be. Since he needed to be modeled on a neutral pose for rigging.. but was tricky as not only he had extreme expressions on his face during most of the movie. which was until I tried to make the expression that I knew if it actually would look like him, but found out I needed more geometry around his mouth to be able to do the expressions.
There was also proportion inconsistencies per shot, which made him more challenging to find the right balance for him. Also his hair was a tricky one to figure out how to translate it from 2D to 3D and look good on all angles.
I only have the Wireframe of it to show, as the shaded and the expression version of him, didn't got approved to keep and show. but no worries I will have very soon more new pieces where I am putting into practice what I learned during my time at Disney.

I wanted to thank one more time to all the Amazing Group of People I got the chance to meet, learn from and work along during my apprenticeship at Disney!

Thank you for the chance to be part of these Awesome and one of a kind Experience!



stay in tune for more, as I am finishing new pieces to begin applying for jobs in July!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Dr Plague

So here is Dr Plague or Doctor Plaga or Medico della Peste... another character of my thesis, which was designed (character)by my friend Edelmiro Espinoza (the Dr Plague costume was designed by me to fit Ed's character design).
Both pieces were modeled by me using Polygons only. also I did UV mapping for the pieces.. but I will show that on a later post after I finish the texturing.

These was certainly a Fun character to model and try to figure out the flow of geometry to have a clean model. I have yet to add a cane and a few more details on the textures.
Any suggestions and feedback are greatly welcome!.
Hope you like my version of the Dr Plaga Costume!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So here is Arlecchina!.. one of the characters of my thesis based on the Venetian Carnival theme.
so of the 3 characters I did.. these was the most complicated and challenging overall to do, as it had alot of details, as well as making the face was challenging to get and get a good topology as well.
The Concept was done by my friend Robert Barros (can check his work on the links)and the modeling was done by me in Maya using Polygons only.. but switching back and forth with the interactive subD preview to see how the smooth will look like.
There are some details that I could have done using textures.. but it was fun to model for the challenge.
Certainly in the near future.. I will texture it and add extra details like folds and some patterns.. but that will be for a near future. for now enjoy the actual model.
Any suggestions are more than Welcome! thanks enjoy!

So here are the Wireframes for the War Galley I posted before.
it was modeled using mainly polygons, but i used nurbs for the initial modeling of the hull of the ship and also for all the rigging.
also I am planning to add more details that are missing after gathering newer information from my trip to Europe where i was able to get most of the references for missing pieces.. and also I have a much broader knowledge of why they had certain things on the ship as well on how the sails worked and were put together in real life.
hope you like it.